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Welcome To Holistic Dog Care Secrets!

Hi Everyone and Welcome to my Blog!

Holistic dog care is easy, interesting and produces great results. In recent years there has been an amazing rise in the number of dog owners interested in holistic dog care. I became interested in holistic dog care over fifteen years ago when our Golden Retriever pup, Bailey, was diagnosed with hip dysphasia and severe allergies. Through research and trial and error, I was able to find some wonderful holistic remedies, like Fresh Factors and a Raw Food Diet that had great results. It’s through my experiences that I would like to offer you natural dog nutrition information and holistic dog care solutions. Also, I’m interested in learning about the benefits of dog massage and acupuncture so I hope you join me on this journey.

Visit us regularly to learn more about the benefits of holistic dog care, better canine nutrition, and natural products that can keep your dog happy and healthy.


Jean & Koda Koda

PS – From time to time, I also review dog products that I have found to work wonderfully. You can check it out anytime at:

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