Natural Remedies for Dog Ailments

While some pet owners will turn to their vet for every ailment their dog might encounter, some turn to natural and homeopathic remedies to help in the treatment of a wide range of ailments and conditions.  It is a way to cut down on the unwanted side effects that often result.

Below you will find some links to articles that address natural remedies to help with a variety of ailments commonly experienced by dogs.

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Herbal Help to Stop Dog Aggression :

Holistic veterinarians are more likely to consider issues such as diet and holistic dog massage therapy as a treatment option. Moreover, you can ask them about the benefits of using an herbal cure for aggressive dogs. …

Is Your Dog Constipated? :

Holistic dog treatments can offer digs relief from their physical conditions without the stress of medications. While I certainly still play it safe when a new symptom comes up and usher Scooter off to the vet to make sure the symptom …

Natural Cure for Dog Ear Infections :

Cleaning the ears with a holistic pet product helps eliminate bacteria, fungus, and in some rare cases, viruses. Part of finding a natural cure for dog ear infections is finding a holistic treatment that will cleanse the ear and prepare …

A Guide to Herbs for Dogs and Canine Diabetes: These Five Natural …

Scientific research shows that natural remedies for dogs are safe and effective for a diabetic canine. Herbs for dogs may be an additional option for a diabetic pet.

All About Dogs: Control Fleas with All Natural Remedies

I just found this helpful website called Doggie I’m always looking for natural therapies for my family and my dogs and found this article about controlling fleas with natural remedies. It was written by Frances Gavin, …

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  1. Linda Says:

    Thank you for sharing these natural remedies. I actually write under the name of Linda the Probiotics Tooth Fairy and work for a biopharmaceutical company that engineers natural probiotic (beneficial bacteria) products for human and pet oral care. That said, I am a fan of natural products and often endorse home remedies but caution that using home remedies do not substitute for regular vet visits.

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